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Zack's Healthy Head Tee's

We found a great company for sourcing the T-shirts for,
Zack's Healthy Head Tee's

"Royal Apparel"

Based in NY and manufacturing all of their apparel lines, here in the US.
Royal Apparel an industry leader in sustainable sourced,
Eco-friendly US made clothing.

We found this pretty cool, And it fits perfectly with our Healthy Head line.
Zack's Tee's uses the 60% Hemp and 40% Organic cotton from RA, Can you say super soft!

This blend is awesome, If your new to Hemp fabric please research.
Hemp is one of the most durable and comfortable fabrics available today.

Not only are the Tee's themselves Healthy Head,
We decided it just wouldn't be right not to use All Natural plant-based dyes. Surprised!

That's right all plant-based non-toxic dyes. This gives Zack's Healthy Head Tee's a great natural color look.
These colors are not your typical bright Tie-dye, but a more natural and mellow look.

Some fading may occur with the natural dyes,
but we think it's worth it.
Commercial dyes really are not good for anyone.

All one of kind original Tee's, Each one hand dyed.
And did we mention Super Soft!

Give the feel of Hemp a try, This particular "Viscose" Hemp makes for a silky soft feeling Tee.

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Monthly Subscription
Hemp Tee's by Zacksccl Zack's Healthy Head Tee - XL

XL - Zack's Healthy Head Tee 60% Hemp and 40% Organic Cotton, With All Natural plant based dyes.

Our Price: $27.99
60% Hemp and 40% Organic Cotton T-shirt Zack's Healthy Head Tee - L

L - A little Funk in this design, Super soft Hemp fabric that is very durable.

Our Price: $27.99
60% Hemp and 40% Organic Cotton T-shirt Zack's Healthy Head Tee - M

This Tee is all yellow, With a fan of Canna leafs in the center.
Size Medium.

Our Price: $27.99