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Abscission layer -

The layer which the gland head of the cannabis
plant (Trichome) can detach from the stalk.

Anandamide - N - Arachidonoylethanolamine - AEA -

An endogenous cannabinoid that regulates feeding and sucking behaviors, along with baseline pain levels and sleep patterns.

Beta-caryophyllene -

A Terpene produced in certain strains of cannabis.

Cannabaceae -

A small family of flowering plants including Cannabis,
Hops, and Blackberries.

Cannabichromene - (CBC)

A Cannabinoid found in cannabis that may have promise as
an anti-inflammatory.

Cannabidiol - (CBD)

The non-psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant.
This compound is typically the second highest produced
by the cannabis Sativa/Hemp plant.

Cannabidolic acid - (CBDA)

The acid form of CBD produced by the plant.
This acid is present in high levels on fresh uncured cannabis.
As we cure or add heat this process converts the cannabidolic acid to CBD.

Cannabidivarin - (CBDVA)

CBDVA - A non-psychoactive compound, it's the propyl variant of CBD,
and possesses a shorter molecular side chain then CBD. commonly found in Nepalese and Indian varieties.

CB1 Receptors -

A cannabinoid receptor primarily found in the central nervous system.
The Brain has the most concentration of CB1 receptors.
They are also in heavier quantity in the reproductive system.

CB2 Receptors -

A cannabinoid receptor found primarily in the peripheral tissues.
Also present in the Immune, Gastrointestinal,
and peripheral nervous systems.

Chemotype -

A type of plant including cannabis, That can produce
a distinctive chemical compound type.

Cloning -

A growing technique that involves taking cuttings from
a selected stock plant. (Mother plant).

Typically this will be done with a well established
Genetically solid mother or stock plant.

Male or Female plants can be cloned depending on
what final results are needed.
This technique will produce the exact same plant,
That was used for the cuttings.

Cola -

This term refers to the very top of the Female plant.
And typically have your largest flowers(Buds).

Cytokinins -

A class of plant growth substances (hormone)

Decarboxylation -
This process is basically the heating or curing of cannabis.
This process happens naturally when cannabis is dried.

However if you are not combusting or vaping your flowers,
Meaning if you are using cannabis for edibles.

You will have to decarb before making your final product.
This will enable the THC to pass the Blood-Brain barrier,
Making our bodies able to ingest in this manner.

Edibles -

Products typically food that are infused with cannabis
or concentrates made from the flower.

Flowering time -

This refers to the length of time it takes for a plant
to reach maturity.

Gibberellin -

A natural growth hormone found in the Aloe Vera,
And many other flowering plants.

Hashish -
A concentrated product typically hand pressed using cannabis resins,
The resin is collected by varies methods from cannabis plants.

Hash Oil -

A cannabis concentrate that is typically extracted using solvents.
This will contain some of the highest levels
of cannabinoids, you can find.

Indica -

A broad-leaf variety of cannabis with a shorter more dense growth.
In most types producing more pain relief with a deeper body high.

Kif -

Resin or Trichomes collected by dry sifting or tumbling
dried cannabis flowers.

Landrace -

A variety of cannabis that has adapted to the local climate with limited interference from humans or environmental alterations.

Micro-Dosing -

Using the smallest amount of cannabis per dose to achieve
the desired effect needed.

Mother plant -

A cannabis plant kept in vegetation stage so the grower
can take cuttings for cloning or breeding.
This will help with a continuation of the genetics
that the grower wants to keep.

Sativa -

A more narrow-leafed cannabis plant with a more airy flower(bud).
Typically grows higher than the Indica varieties and produce an uplifting high less couch lock with this variety.

Super/Cropping -

A training technique that involves the use of limited stress on certain branches of a plant. Also called (High-Stress Training), Exerting gentle pursuer that damages the tissue of the plant, For increased yields.

Tetrahydrocannabinol - (THC)Or, Delta - 9 - Tetrahydrocannabinol,
This compound is probably
The most familiar and is the compound that
us the high.
It's also suggested that THC plays a key role in cancer-fighting.

Tincture -

A cannabis extraction made using grain alcohol
and is typically taking orally.

Trichome -

The powerful mushroom shaped glands that grow on
the cannabis plants vegetation and flowers.

Water Hash / Bubble Hash -

The extraction of trichomes using ice water and filter bags.
This is a solvent-free method and can be done
very safe at home.