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Zack's Wicked Body Butter

"Hemp Seed Oil Hydration"

Dry and cracked skin look out we are here to hydrate!
Our butter may seem like other coconut base butters but we're different.

Typically coconut base butters can be greasy and stay greasy for a good length of time.

Not zack's we have incorporated a few different ingredients, Making our butter a lot less greasy feeling. Your hands and body will have the most luxurious looking and feeling skin you have ever felt.

A little goes a long way with zack's body butters. And because we use no preservatives you can expect your butters to last 6 to 12 months at room temperature and up to 3 years refrigerated.

We source all our ingredients keeping in mind where the products come. From and what kind of workforce is used during harvest or collection. We want our products to be safe from impurities and human exploitation.

You can rest assured this is a good all around product both for your body and your soul. New studies have recently been concluded that Hemp seed oil is a powerful essential oil. And could be the next super vitamin for our bodies.

Do some research and actually look at what we're putting on our skin. It's an important organ and a very large one at that.

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zack's canna club at zack's cannabis culture and lifestyle Zack's Canna Club

How cool receiving 420 approved products right to your door.
Zack's Canna Club subscription not only gets you our 420 Box each month.
You also get special access to the members-only private page. That's Wicked!

Our Price: $24.99/1 month(s)

Monthly Subscription
Wicked Body Butter - Chill  0.25 oz. Wicked Body Butter - Chill 0.25 oz.

All Natural, Organic ingredients makes the difference, And a great go anywhere size. 0.25oz.

Our Price: $4.99
Wicked Body Butter - Natural  0.25 oz. Wicked Body Butter - Natural 0.25 oz.

Natural body butter, A Shea butter sent with a touch of Tea Tree.
Great for that dry winter skin.

Our Price: $4.99
zack's healthy head hemp seed oil hydration lip balm and wicked body butter Z 4Pack

The Z 4 Pack - A great little package of hemp hydration, With Lip Balm and Body Butters.

Our Price: $12.50
Wicked Body Butter - Chill  2 oz. Wicked Body Butter - Chill 2 oz.

The ultimate in silky smooth skin hydration, We call this Chill because of it's relaxing smell of eucalyptus and spearmint. Show your skin some love!

Our Price: $15.99
Wicked Body Butter - Natural  2 oz. Wicked Body Butter - Natural 2 oz.

We only use 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils. And only the highest quality Organic /All Natural and raw ingredients, To create this wicked awesome butter.

Our Price: $15.99
Zack's Happy Face body butter Zack's Happy Face 1 oz

Zack's Happy Face is a lighter hydration, Formulated for face and body. We have added natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory oils. Making a great acne fighting, skin nourishing blend.

Our Price: $24.20
With all of our skincare products we use NO Paraben, Soy, Artificial colors, Preservatives or flavorings and NO Petroleum chemicals.
Just the good stuff!

And all orders over $50.00 receive free USPS Priority Mail shipping in the US.