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Zack's Nutri-Tea Composting Bucket

Our New feeding system uses kitchen scraps for fuel. That's right! stuff you typical compost in a pile or throw out.

Outside compost piles are great we should all have one. The one drawback, It takes a good season to breakdown for a usable soil.

That's the difference with our system, Composting happens within a week. Your bucket will provide a nutrient-rich tea immediately after filling.

The provided "Alpaca Grow" pouch makes that possible. Giving your tea a week or two of brewing will add a superpower punch to the tea.

We recommend applying your homebrew once a week for most plants. Like us plants are all a bit different, So feeding twice a week may work as well.

We have applied the Tea indoors and out. On vegetables, herbs, flowers, and of course Cannabis. The picture above shows some lettuce we planted in the spring. Can you say salad!

The tea produces great dense flora formation. And trichome production is spot on. We also noticed gnats Do Not like the tea. That's great news if you're having an issue with pests in the garden.

" Zack's Nutri-Tea bucket is probably the most cost-effective nutrient program you can find "

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Zack's Nutri-Tea composting bucket makes mineral rich plant goodness.

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