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Zack's MBL Genetics

"Mass Blue Lights"


Zack's Cannabis Culture and Lifestyle is excited to offer this genetic stock.
We have found this strain to have a potential for maintaining balance and wellbeing.
Great pain control with less of the couch lock associated with heavier Indica's. A pain relief that doesn't leave a crash and burn at the end. Instead offering a nice relaxing mellow descent.

A great strain indoors or out with a tolerance to the colder New England climate. Making it a perfect match for the later harvest here in the Northeast.

This strain was created in Massachusetts in 2016 by Me / Zack Membrino - Zack'sccl.

Our goal was to take the uplifting effects from the BlueDream Santa Cruz cut, And add a bit more pain relief. With a more compact dense flower, And even more heavy trichome production.

That's where our exclusive NL#1 comes in. Zack's NL#1 is our main stock for breeding all of our genetics.

This strain is a pre-1995 hybrid from the Northern country. A strain we consider heirloom/craft genetics that was acquired in 1992. A superior and unique cannabinoid profile that has been uncirculated and unaltered. A cross of original Northern Lights x Skunk#1 x Purple Afghan She's a very special lady indeed.

- Zack's NL#1 Hybrid -


With ample amounts of Pinene, the NL#1 is resist to pest. They just don't like the heavy terpenes it produces. A heavy greasy strain that produces very dense nuggets. With a diesel like terpintine fruitiness flavor that's pretty unique. If you have been lucky enough to sample this over the years, You know exactly what I'm talking about. It's Wicked!

We Pollinated the BlueDream Santa Cruz cut with pollen from our NL#1.
The outcome was a very special cannabinoid profile indeed. Unique in flavor and elevation with a sense of comfort and control. Great pain control without the downward curve.

A touch of blueberry from the BD with the deep Pinene from the NL#1, Adding a great dimensional uplifting journey.

Heavy trichome production and yields indoors as well as outdoors. And it grows great outside in NewEnglands shorter growing season!


"BlueDream Santa Cruz"

Our MBL genetic line is exclusive to Zack's Cannabis Culture and Lifestyle.
All of our creations are one of kind, You will not find these ladies anywhere else.
Unique in the sense that our core stock is a pre 95 genetic. That has remained true to her original cannabinoid profile. It hasn't been altered in any shape or form for over 20 years.

"Genetics designed using only Natural methods"

We use NO artificial or chemical rooting/growing accelerants or hormones. Our clones are propagated using only Aloe, A great All Natural rooting substance.

Our cannabis growth is done organically with a less is more approach. With a spiritual connection that we find a vital part of growing. And we take pride in growing and caring for this plant in a more natural/micro approach. And this special care shows in the quality of our genetic line.

Currently, We have 2 phenotypes in production MBL#1 and the MBL#2.

MBL#2 is an open source phenotype clone only. We have made this available to the masses for the potential of her wellbeing.

All I ask is the strain name remain unchanged, credit given to the breeder. And any commercial profits made from her, 10% will go to local law enforcement for education on the benefits of cannabis.

Check out the photos below!





Varies NewEngland growers that are loving Zack's MBL#2

Josh McDermott - NEKUSHCO

Neil - Central MA.

Great job Neil Looking Wicked!
That plant is massive.

Central MA.

Bob Sibya

(Photo by Bob Sibya)

Growing outside in Central Ma.
(Photo provided by Bob Sibya)


"Special thanks to Bob Sibya for providing some great pics. And his commitment to this strain" Thank you, my Friend!


More information on this very special Genetic line will follow shortly.

"For information purpose only, We currently can't offer genetics online. Hopefully, this will change in the near future "

If interested in this Genetic line please contact by phone or email.

"Breeder Packs available"

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